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Images are offered for sale as prints or may be purchased for commercial use, as electronic files. For commercial use contact us for a quote, in relation to prospective use, format and licensing requirements for any images. Orders are accepted by mail, e-mail, or online via PayPal. To Order prints by Paypal use the integrated Paypal Shopping cart facility within the image details page.

Please note that image sizes are approximate, since many photographs don't correspond to these exact dimensions. The longest side of the actual printed image is used in these calculations; for example, a 16x 12 image size may actually be 16 x 14 or 16 x 11  upon actual measurement. Images are also available in larger sizes and as Canvas prints, upon request although not every photograph is available in every size; please contact Aither Images if you have questions on specific images and availability. All prints are made by the photographer or overseen by them. All prints are original, i.e. produced from the original scanned negative or digital negative file on high quality media. They are not reproductions. All prints are archival, that is have been produced using processes that guarantee the image life.

Handling and care

Never touch the surface of the print with your bare hands. The oils in your skin can damage the paper. If you ever need to handle the print, use clean white cotton gloves. Our prints are stored in archival acetate wallets,which allows the print to be inspected and handled easily without gloves. Always hold prints flat with both hands. Holding with one hand can cause the paper to buckle, leaving damage marks (dings) in the surface. Use archival materials (that is, acid-free) to mount and frame your print to ensure archival image properties are maintained. Always use a mount to ensure the surface of the print does not come into contact with the glass.Prints should be hung out of direct sunlight or UV glass or UV film must be used to avoid damage by sunlight.

Calendars,Note Cards & Books
A range of published media are avilable from Aither Images including Note Cards, Greetings Cards and Calendars.
A book on Migration is currently available and further book projects are underway at present..

Orders are accepted by mail, or online via PayPal. To Order By Paypal use the integrated Paypal Shopping cart facility.

1) To order by mail, please supply the following information along with your payment

a) Your Delivery Name and address;

b) Description of print including its individual image number as indicated on the appropriate image detail page, (for example, PTF_AIT 00123), print size, and Finish desired;

          c) Total cost including appropriate shipping Fee, as indicated below; .

Order Address

To figure shipping and packaging cost:

Order Value
Postage & Packing And Insurance
£0.01 - £15.99
£16.00 - £29.99
£30.00 - £74.99
£75.00 - £149.99
Over £150.00

If an order is to be shipped outside the UK, please Contact for a shipping quote prior to placing a final order.