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AITHER (or Aether) was the god of light in Greek mythology. He was the son of Erebus, and Nyx. Aither was the Protogenos (first-born elemental god) of the bright, glowing upper air of heaven - the substance of light. Above him lay the solid dome of the sky-god, Ouranos, and below, the transparent mists of earth-bound air. In the evening mother Nyx drew her veil of darkness between the aither and the aer to bring night to man. In the morning his sister-wife Hemera dispersed these mists, revealing the aither of day. The personification of the pure upper air in which the gods reside, in contrary to the 'aer', the lower air which mortals breathe. He is one of the elements of the cosmos and in the Orphic hymns he is mentioned as the soul of the world from which all life emanates.
'without light we see nothing'
The reason for choosing Aither Images is that both the period and light around the 'Dawn' provides some of the most photogenic and inspirational conditions and opportunities. Whilst this also coincides with one of the most active periods of the day for wildlife.
My passion for natural history and the desire to be outdoors dates back to my childhood. Regular early morning walks to investigate and explore nature amongst the areas of moorland and woodland surrounding my village, developed and fuelled a continual thirst for knowledge with regard to the Natural World. Exploring the local rivers for sticklebacks and bullheads or watching countless numbers of elvers travelling up river at the stepping stones in the shadow of the Castle on the River Ogmore. These early childhood experiences nurtured a deep respect and passion for nature that remains today. This results in the 'Ethos that the photograph although desireable is of secondary importance to the welfare of the subject. The aim of Aither Images is to communicate and create awareness of the diversity and beauty of the Natural World via a range of visual media. 
'without light we see nothing'