Creative Visions

A Stonechat flies away in a blur at Portobello
Winging It
The leg of this Stonechat (Saxicola torquata) can be seen still holding onto the frond of the fern as it takes off.
Letting Go
Fronds of seaweed left behind by the receding tide on the beech at Saint Malo
High & Dry
Primula vialii viewed from above
Hot Spot
The sky flashes past as travelling.
All a Blur
Icicles form around a low branch overhanging the river  beneath a weir on the river Lathkill in the Peak District
Hold Tight
Pebbles on Whitesands beach cast shadows that look like toes
Stoney Foot
An Oystercatcher (Haematopus ostralegus) flying over the saltmarsh
Just Passing
A Black-headed gull takes on a spiritual glow as the intense sunlight catches its breast and the leading edges of its wings.
Into the Light
A pair of Canada Geese fly ing down river in the pink light of dawn at Ogmore by Sea
Dawn Flight
Lichen Species developing on a coastal rock in the shape of fish at Porthclais Pembrokeshire
Something Fishy
Leaf Veination and patterns on a Palm leaf