Birds Gallery

A male Bearded Tit perches breifly on a stem of Norfolk Reed before disappearing out of the wind.
Bearded Tit
A fledgeling dunnock perches on a piece of driftwood at the high tide line of the estuary at Portobello Ogmore by Sea
A DUNLIN, ( Calidris alpina), wading through the think mud in search of food at Brancaster Staithe, Norfolk, England
Bogged Down
A Robin on a fence rail at the entrance to titchwell RSPB reserve.
Red Breast
A portrait of wood pigeon
Woodpigeon Portrait

Out on a Limb
Blue Tit perches in a knot hole in a tree
Blue Tit

What are you looking at
A solitary Oystercatcher pauses during feeding to check all is well.
Oystercatcher Portrait
A male Greenfinch perched on a Sycamore branch whilst scanning the area for a prospective meal.
Green on Green
A male Stonechat perched on bramble stem  at Ogmore By Sea inthe midday sunlight of a December day
Male Stonechat
A swift flies past whilst feeding on the wing at Titchwell Rspb Reserve